How to find your passion

The most challenging thing to find and the best thing to do in your life is to live your passion. It is hard to find your passion and know exactly what makes you happy and what you want to do. Majorly, people do not follow their passion as they feel what would the world say about it. But irrespective of what others think, you should always live your dream and work towards it to get fruitful results.

Let us talk about the story of my friend- what he was, how he changed his life, and how successful he is today!

His name was John Sobers. After he finished his schooling, he did his M.B.A from London, came back to India and got an excellent job. Everything was going fine, but one day out of a sudden, one thought strikes to his mind which was- “what am I made for”?, “What is the purpose of my life”?. Doing the same things every day, coming to work, going back, and sleep, same things for the entire week or months or years. The answer that came to his mind was no, as he was not satisfied with what he was doing.

On weekends, he started doing what he liked the most such as reading, doing yoga, interacting with more people and many other things. But this was not what he wanted to pursue as his passion; all this was a hobby. Then it took a lot of time to know himself and understand what he wants to do on his own.

He stopped thinking for some time and continued his job the way he was doing before. Then one fine day while watching a movie he recalled his childhood days and thought that he had a love for music and he loved the instruments and playing them. He started practicing them on weekends and loved it.

He understood that this is what he was looking for so many years. He opened his music academy where students came from different parts of the country to learn instruments.

So, inside each one of us, there is some talent which we are born with. That is just yours and cannot be taught or learned it is from inside and a god’s gift, you just need to find the right path to it. The most important thing before you pursue your passion is that it is not vital that your passion should be unique or creative. It can also be to become a financial advisor, marketing head, maybe you are good at sales, etc. It is not always essential that it should be something unique. So, sit back, give yourself some time, take a notebook, and try to recall things that you love doing the most and try finding your passion.

Let us give some useful suggestions on how you can easily find your passion and opt for it-

1) Brainstorm– The first and foremost thing to do is brainstorming. The soundest way to do this is by just taking a sheet of paper, jot down the things that first come to your mind about your likes. In brainstorming, you do not have to think that it might be a good idea or a bad idea. Here at this stage, you just need to recollect the points. For more ideas, you can have a look at your childhood pictures, recall your memories, see things around and think about what you are good at and makes you happy. So, this step is all about collecting more and more thoughts about what you want to do.

2) Do not leave your job– A very significant point to be taken care of is never quit your job. If you want to chase your passion, it’s great, but give it some time. Try taking out time on your weekends and do it as a side job. Attempt to make contacts, settle in it, and see how much would you earn. Once you are aware of all the possibilities and think that this is what you were looking for, then only quit your current job. Never quit the job till the time you are not sure. It is always a good idea to first analyze if it works and then get into it for building your career. Make an effort and take some time out to do it as your side job and try it for a couple of months and see if you like it. Do not just jump into it after a few weeks. Give it a try, and if it works, then go for it.

3) Think about the best moments of your life– Analyse what were the moments when you found the maximum happiness in your life. Give yourself some time and note down the moments when you felt like the top of the world. There must be some achievements, think doing what makes you feel happy like playing guitar, painting, etc and recall what were you praised the most for. These points would for sure benefit you in recollecting what you are best at and bring joy to your life.

4) A thorough analysis is paramount– If you have that passion for a couple of years, then definitely you must have done a thorough investigation on everything about it. You should read about it as much as you can, buy books or check on the internet. If you know people already in that profession, contact them and take their advice. All this would help you in gaining more knowledge about it and would benefit you in deciding whether you should opt for it or not. As most of the people would give you fair advise and can also suggest you about where to start, about institutes, training, salary, etc.

5) Do not stop trying– If one thing does not work for you that does not mean that others would not. Always keep trying till the time you do not achieve what you are looking for. As life is small so you should try to fulfill all your dreams and strive to work hard towards them.

So, these were a few tips to follow your passion diligently. Success does not come at once; you have to try again and again. If you fail once, do not worry and start over again with the same zeal and enthusiasm. Once you get it, that would be the best day of your life.

6 sources for the most interesting podcasts

A podcast is an effective way of communicating with people. Podcasts are created for empowering people with knowledge on several areas. It is the next big thing and all set to rule the global market by 2020. Currently, the U.S is holding the crown position in Podcast market. Sources revealed that by 2020, the worth of podcast industry would be around $20 billion.

In India also, podcasts are currently on its growing phase. People here now are slowly accepting this amazing concept of building communication. Despite being on its early stage, the audience base in India is constantly looking for entertaining, knowledgeable and diversified content. Due to the current digitalization and huge population, podcasts can certainly become the biggest thing in India.

Sources revealed that India is holding the second position regarding the number of internet users. In the last five years, smartphone users are also increasing rapidly within India. The entire scenario is replicating the probable growth of Indian audience towards podcasts. Due to the busy life schedule, the audience loves to enjoy the podcasts on the go. Smartphones have become an integral part of people in India.

In this article, we have listed some sources, where Indian audience can enjoy their favourite podcasts whenever they want through smartphones.

Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts is considered as one of the most well-known podcast application. No matter you are using an iPhone or Android, this app can be installed in both. Pocket Casts is offering a range of good features along with the user-friendly interface, which helped them in gaining popularity among the other podcast sources. Just after opening the app, you will see several useful tabs like Top-rated, Trending, categories respectively. By clicking the Top-rated tab you can find the most liked podcasts. Similarly, you will find recent or trending topics in the trending section. Besides that, the category tab is developed for you to choose your favourite podcast. You can choose any category like sports, arts, business, comedy respectively. Pocket Casts has also introduced a search Filter function. Due to this, you can easily search your favourite podcast by applying filters like, release date, episode number, playing state. The best thing is Pocket Casts gives you the authority to download your favourite podcasts anytime. Besides that, you can also utilize the auto-downloading option for downloading the latest podcasts. Following this, Pocket Casts comes with cross-platform synchronization, which keeps your playing list intact. However, you need to pay INR 99 for installing this app in Android devices.


Unlike Pocket Casts, you do not have to pay a penny for installing CastBox. With a rating of 4.7 and over 6 million downloads, CastBox has become a must-have application. Those stats are showing its huge popularity among the people. CastBox offers over one million channels and 70 languages to choose from. You can now enjoy your Podcast in Hindi, Telegu whichever language you like. You will be able to enjoy all the basic facilities, which are supposed to be there in a Podcast app. Easy-to-use UI feature has been introduced as well in order to enhance the overall accessibility of the app. It also gives you the authority to download your favourite podcast. Features such as sleep timer and volume boost are also incorporated. Besides that, while listening to your favourite podcast, you can communicate with the other listeners through the comment section. The cloud sync support facility has introduced so that you can smoothly continue your favourite podcasts while switching devices. For all the podcast lovers, this app is a must-have app. If you want to be a podcaster, you can simply upload your recorded audio. The best part is it is absolutely free. You can also enjoy more facilities by upgrading the app.

Google Podcasts

Google has entered the world of the podcast in 2018 and introduced Google Podcasts. If you are a Podcast lover and using an Android device, then you cannot miss this app powered by Google. You will get all the basic facilities, which is completely worthy as you do not need to spend your money during the subscription. Though, you won’t get all the facilities like the above-listed podcast apps. The simple user-friendly interface of Google podcasts makes it popular among the audiences. It takes minimal space on your phone, which is again a big plus of this app. The size of this app is below 300kb. You will see several tabs after opening this app such as download, subscription update of your podcasts and categories respectively. Following this, Google Podcasts gives you the authority to control the playback speed through the standard buttons. Besides those above-mentioned features, some facilities are not included in Google podcasts such as automatic download, OMPL file export and import. Lack of those facilities might affect its position among the other podcast apps. However, Google is constantly developing their existing features, which might help them in acquire a superior position among the other apps.

Player FM

If you are thinking about starting your podcast listening journey, then Player Fm app can be your ultimate destination. The easy-to-go interface of this app is quite appealing, where you can select your favourite podcasts among the enlisted categories. Besides that, you can anytime modify your list of the podcast as well. The auto-downloading facility has also been provided, which you can enable or disable anytime you want. You can apply the filter option while searching for your favourite podcast. It also gives you the option of Play Later, by which you can mark your podcast and listen to it later. You can download this app without spending money.

IVM podcasts

If you are looking for local Indian podcasts only, then IVM podcasts is the place for you. They recently launched their app for android devices. Now you can enjoy your favorite local podcast on your phone. Despite of being its earlier stage, IVM podcast has managed to produce quality content for their audience. You can simply sign up with Facebook or Google and you are all set to go. The interface of this app is also very appealing and you will face no such complexity while using. There’s a search bar, where you can put the keyword while searching for your favorite podcast. Besides that, you can also create your list of podcasts and IVM gives you the authority to download also. If you are fond of local Indian content, then this app is a must try.


Besides music streaming, Spotify can bring you to the world of podcasts. You can download the basic version of this app at free of cost for your Android device. They are recently focusing on their podcast category and the growth they are receiving is overwhelming. However, the collection of the podcast is not that huge as compared to the other apps but you can certainly give it a try. Spotify also offers a user-friendly interface, which is quite attractive for the audiences. You can easily search for your favourite podcasts anytime. Despite not having all the features, Spotify managed to gain a position among the other podcast apps due to its easy-going basic functions. You will be able to access more facilities by upgrading to the premium package. In India, people are now turning their heads towards podcasts. Those above-listed sources can be very beneficial for you in case you are looking for some good podcasts.

How to pep yourself up just before a big meeting or presentation

Even if you have done many presentations, you can still get nervous before entering a big meeting or presentation. How do you remove anxiety before a big meeting? How do you get rid of those butterfiles in your stomach? Here are seven science-backed techniques that can help you lessen your anxiety and nervousness minutes before your big event.

1. Develop Confidence

The most primary and imperative thing is confidence. It is crucial before a big meeting for you to appear fully prepared. The right body language, proper eye contact, the way you dress up -everything adds up to your confidence and people’s confidence in you. You should drink a glass of water if you feel nervous, listen to your favorite song and rehearse well, which would help you gain even more confidence.

2. Power Pose just for 1-2 minutes

This might sound funny to you, but it really works for many people. While you have time for the meeting to start, you can always go to a private place and strike a power pose, it would help you in easing and calm you down. It is a tested experiment that if you strike for a power pose, it would help in reducing the stress hormones in your body.

Power posing is about posing like your superhero, such as you just need to stand tall and stable with your hands on hips and your legs confidently apart for 2-3 minutes, it would benefit you in changing the body chemistry. This would make you comfortable; thus would help you in giving your best at the meeting.

3. Rehearse

The most important of all is practicing. If you have rehearsed in advance a lot of time and even before the meeting, it would aid you in gaining a lot of belief. Practice the significant points that you need to tell and the facts that you need to deliver. Preparing well helps in achieving confidence, which in return leads to control. When you are aware that you know everything, it would change the nervousness into excitement. Ensure that you reach for the meeting before time, so that you get enough time to familiarize with the place.  Also, if you need any type of equipment or board, it can be arranged. So, even 5 minutes before the meeting start, you can always go to the wash room and recall the points which you think are vital.

4. Pep Talk

Before the interview, you can call your friend and share with him/her about it and ask them to make you feel confident about it. Talk positive aspects about yourself on the phone and blabber everything out in front of your friend, it would make you feel better. Ask your friend to say good things about you and whatever you need to hear. Also, you can watch a few inspirational and motivational videos, which work for many people as these videos boost up confidence.

You can also talk to yourself and say good things about yourself loudly (ensure that there is nobody around). Thus, pep talk aids in calming you down and makes you feel relaxed.

5. Go for a walk

You should try and go for a walk before the meeting starts as fresh air can make all the difference. You can go for a walk in the building where your meeting is and think of the points you need to recall. If you want to make a call to feel better, you should try and do in the fresh air while walking. It would help in clearing your head and focus on the meeting.

6. Try the ‘STOP’ method

This is a popular method which many people try. It is good and really works. Let us see what STOP means here-

  • Stop whatever extra you are thinking and just target on the thoughts related to meetings
  • Take a deep breath not a low breath, and be excited instead of feeling low
  • Observe what is going in the body and mind, collect good thoughts and stop thinking about the negative ones
  • Proceed with a positive attitude and recollect everything required for the meeting to make a blast.

This process would benefit you in slowing down and would help gain more confidence. It would let you know that you have the power to do it successfully.

7. Take it easy

Once you are aware that you know all the things related to the meeting and the preparation is done with required documents, then it is the time when you need to tell yourself to take it easy and relax for some time. You can spend that morning listening to your favorite music, going to the gym, watching funny videos, etc. whatever makes you feel good. You can even pre-record your meeting points and listen to them 5 minutes before your meeting starts. Ensure that you eat properly before the session and freshen up before the meeting begins.

So, these were the top 7 tips to prepare better and build confidence minutes before your big meeting. Have you tried any of these? Do you know of any more tips? Leave your comments below.

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