What this blog is about

Hello there, Welcome and thanks for stopping by.

I am Sam, and this is a portal that my team and I enjoy maintaining. We created this channel to provide atleast a few minutes of zen, inspiration and useful information daily to the average corporate citizen. It will contain material that could bring out the creative person inside you, or get you motivated or totally change your life.

I have been working in the corporate sector for close to a quarter of a century now. I have seen and felt the ups and downs that this industry deals to the average corporate citizen. I have figured out ways to deal with the stress and pressures of the job and means to thrive – real, tried and tested ways to improve your life.

I want to share all my learnings with you, so that you don’t have to figure things on your own. This blog contains quick and practical ideas and tips, many leveraging technology, to help you improve yourself or rediscover your zest for life.

I am also an entrepreneur who created and scaled two creative technology companies; so I understand the peaks and nadirs that your emotions fluctuate between as an entrepreneur goes about her/his life. In true entrepreneurial spirit, we will also experiment with ways to earn money from this blog. And you could use our experience to create a side-hustle for yourself. Let us together find ways to make money online.

Together, we will find a way to escape the 9 to 5, and also grow as individuals. Please do share your thoughts and comments – it will help us keep motivated in our journey.

Here’s to success!