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10 best video editing apps for android phones (2020 and beyond)

Video editing is no longer a specialist job nowadays, especially with the availability of powerful, free video editors on your phone. With these apps you can create anything between short fun videos to a full length movie. This article features 10 of the best video editing apps of 2020 (and beyond) available for android. Please do check them out to create fun videos.

Top 6 free online Photo Editing software Tools

Looking for the best online photo editor on the web? Check these out. Choosing a suitable photo editing software is as important as capturing a good picture. From paid to free, there is a wide range of editing software you can choose. Now if you are not sure about spending your money on photo editing tools yet looking for an effective result, then you are in the right place.

Where to find photos for your websites or blogs

You could be a blogger, a writer, an editor, or just a student looking for a way to express; pictures are a basic requirement for anyone looking for an expression on the web. Now you could be asking, what is so difficult about getting a picture? You hit the keywords in Google, and pop comes over a million relatable results. There’s a catch; not all these pictures are royalty free.

6 sources for the most interesting podcasts

A podcast is an effective way of communicating with people. Podcasts are created for empowering people with knowledge on several areas. It is the next big thing and all set to rule the global market by 2020. In India also, podcasts are currently on its growing phase. People here now are slowly accepting this amazing concept of building communication.