Top 6 free online Photo Editing software Tools

Do you love to click pictures?  Is photography is your passion? If yes, then you must be aware of the role of photo editing software that enhances your pictures.  No matter you are clicking photos for a professional reason or personal, an editing tool always makes your pictures polished. Choosing a suitable photo editing software is as important as capturing a good picture. From paid to free, there is a wide range of editing software you can choose.

Premium photo editing tools such as, Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop comes with a range of editing features, which can certainly boost your photographs. However, you need to pay for accessing such premium tools. Now if you are not sure about spending your money on photo editing tools yet looking for an effective result, then you are in the right place.

We have listed some of the most effective yet free photo editing tools for you, which will make your pictures more attractive.


GIMP can be your ideal choice among the several free photo editing tools. This is a highly rated free editing tool. GIMP stands for GNU image manipulation program. This tool is filled with a range of professional features by which you can touch up your pictures. GIMP is able to handle any kind of image file. Without paying a penny you can use several functions such as layers, customize brushes, filters and other enhancement tools.

If you are familiar with Adobe Photoshop, then GIMP is the one you should go for.  It comes with almost all the features as Photoshop. The good thing is unlike Photoshop it is absolutely free. GIMP is constantly working on its editing features in order to provide more additional facilities. This is the reason that GIMP is one of the most used free photo editing tools.

Besides that, you will be able to use Photoshop Plugins, which will give you more flexibility while editing your pictures as compared to the other editing tools. Simple user-friendly interface along with a range of editing functions makes GIMP top in that list. All the experienced lads can certainly go for this.


Pixlr is an online photo editing tool filled with numerous unique features, which can make you go crazy. If you are willing to spend less time while editing, Pixlr can be your ideal choice for sure. Majority of the e-commerce companies are fond of this editing tool due to the features like brushes, mask and filters. Before accessing the features, you need to register yourself.  It is worthy to spend a few minutes, as you will get so much in return.

Looking for editing your photos from the phone? No matter you are using an Android or iOs device, Pixlr can be your one-stop solution. Pixlr gives you the facility to edit your picture with a simple click. You can apply a number of filters, effects and brushes. There is no doubt that pixlr is the most suitable editing tool for beginners.

Pixlr also provides complete guidelines, which will help you to master all the features and facilities. You can certainly go for this editing tool, as it is offering so much cool features.


Just like the above-mentioned image editors, Fotor is another image editing tool, which is known for its user-friendly interface. If you are a beginner and do not have much knowledge regarding photo editing, Fotor can be your lifesaver for sure. Unlike many other free editing tools, you will experience quicker and effective result with Fotor

It comes with a range of unique effects and filters, which can certainly make your images look wonderful. Besides that, the collage tool is also there. If you are looking for editing social media pictures, banners, documents, posters, Fotor can be a good option.

Facilities like, the paintbrush is missing in this tool. It also may not be suitable for the professional users those are looking for top-notch editing. For general purpose, you can certainly go for Fotor.

Google photos:

The simplicity of this tool makes it popular among the users. Without facing any complication you will be able to edit your images through Google photos. Besides that, it allows you to browse the image library with no headache at all. Unlike other editing tools, it comes with some specific features such as redeye, crop, colour correction, brightness and contrast controlling etc.

However, that does not mean that you cannot do fancy things with Google photos. You can certainly make animations along with stories. You can also apply your favourite filters and frames.

All you need is a Google account and internet connection, and you are all set to use Google photos. Google photos also offer you an easy to share option, where you can share your edited images to any social media platforms. The flexibility of Google photos makes it a hot cake among the other editing tools.

Photoshop Express:

Photoshop Express is an online photo editing tool. You can expect all the basic facilities in this following tool, which are required for photo editing.

No prior experience is required, as you can simply start using all of its features. Besides that, you need no plugins if you have already installed Flash. Photoshop express offers drag and drops function, through which you can easily start your editing.

However, Photoshop express is only able to edit the JPG format images, which is a big lack of this tool. This tool is not recommended for professional purpose.


This is the most user-friendly editing tool among the above-listed ones. If you are looking for a free editing tool, which has smooth accessibility, iPiccy is the answer. It offers you a range of one-click editing facilities. Following this, iPiccy offers Zoom facility as well. With this tool, you can easily edit your images in a flash.

Besides the basic features, some premium facilities are also incorporated in this tool such as clone, curve adjustment, redeye and curve adjustment etc. you have to install flash before using this editing tool.

However, this tool can only edit JPG and PNG format images and you can share the images only on Facebook. iPiccy is suitable for both novice and intermediates.

Those are the top free image editing tools you can certainly go for. No matter you are a beginner or professional, you can choose a suitable editing tool as per your requirements are concerned. So what are you waiting for? Let’s spread the magic with those amazing editing tools.

Body Language Tips before your Next Big Meeting

Body Language is very crucial, especially when you have a big meeting and you are the hero. If you do not seem to be confident while giving a presentation or explaining the facts, then you might look insecure, unreliable, or unimpressive. When you enter into the room, you should look very confident, full of positive vibes and with the right body language.

Not only an appropriate body language is essential in a big meeting, but it should be perfect everywhere- be it an interview, training sessions or a meeting. Body Language includes everything beginning from your outfit, your hairstyle, accessories that you wear and how you are carrying your documents.

From the time you enter the room, you are judged by people with different kinds of opinions. So it is imperative that when you enter the room, your shoulders should never be droopy instead should be upright, greet others well, good eye contact is essential, hand gestures should be positive, etc. There are many things that you would have to be diligent about before entering the meeting room. Listed below are few points to assist you so that you look confident and convincing

Stay at a particular spot

Do not move too much as it would make noise, distract people, and would seem that you are getting bored in the meeting. Ensure that you make a balance between a formal posture and movement. You should keep your legs still and do not wiggle in the chair too much. You should neither lean back too much as it seems that you are too casual, nor should you lean forward as it gives an impression that you are aggressive.

Always sit straight in the meetings or interviews and show that you are at ease, but not at all lazy.

Eye contact

Let us come to another significant element, which is eye contact. You have to be very diligent in the meeting when it comes to maintaining eye contact. You should try and keep a natural smile on your face and strive to maintain eye contact diligently, as it shows that you are confident and sure about what you are talking. Once you lose eye contact, it shows that you are not interested, dishonest, or insecure. Not to forget, that too much eye contact can also turn into staring, so ensure that you do not cross the thin line between eye contact and staring. Just make sure that you have eye contact with everyone present in the meeting. It depicts that you are paying attention to everyone present in the meeting.

Hand gestures

At times, with your hand movements, you would not even know while others would have already make presumptions about you. Playing with your hair, jiggling with a pen, crossing your arms and sitting, etc. all these factors show that you are not interested in the meeting and getting bored; try to avoid such things. Never cross your arms and sit as it depicts that you are feeling uncomfortable. You should positively use your hands. The hand movements that you can use are using palm which represents positivity and honesty. One more point is that do not again and again touch your face or neck as others present there would understand that either you are nervous or feeling uneasy, so avoid it.

Monitor your tone

If you talk to people in a clear and crisp voice, it portraits that you are confident and have complete knowledge of what you are talking.  Breathe and take a pause when someone asks you a question. It would benefit you by giving some time and preparing for the tone that you should use. Also, ensure that you let the question finish first before you answer it, else it would seem very rude and would represent you as a bad listener or impatient. Your tone should not vary too much as sometimes very low and sometimes too exciting. Your rate of speech should also be taken care of as if you speak too fast, people would not understand your point and would also look as if you are afraid. So, the best solution to it is that you should not be apologetic or defensive; interact with the interviewers as an equal.

Mirror the body language

Mirroring others body language mean sitting like others, but that does not mean that you intentionally just start copying every movement. You should try and match with other positive body movements; it would give an excellent impression and would not make you look awkward. Do not let them know that you are precisely copying them. Just nod if everyone is doing so, smile on the positive and good points, etc. The art of mirroring is doing it naturally by not letting others know, as it can create an unpleasant situation. Hence, only do it when it seems appropriate else do not do it.

Hand shake

‘How is your handshake’ matters a lot when you are going for a big meeting. You would have to connect to many big delegates of the company and would have to handshake with them. So it is imperative for you to understand its importance. A weak handshake depicts that you are not confident and may appear that you are nervous. On the contrary, a very strong handshake would portrait you being too aggressive and would leave a negative impact on others.

So, be careful and work on your handshake. It should be firm, and the other person should instantly feel the enthusiasm, positivity, and endurance in you.

These were a few points that you need to be watchful about so that others do not know what is going on inside you. Here is the gist of the above points-

  • Do not move unnecessarily and avoid making noises from the chair or by playing with the pen.
  • Maintain healthy eye contact with all the people sitting in the room.
  • Do not fold your hands and sit; it shows that you are not comfortable.
  • Both high and low pitch should be avoided.
  • Nod the head when everybody does if you agree to the point and sit as others to refrain looking awkward.
  • A firm handshake with a natural smile leaves a very positive impression.

Hence, follow all these particulars to make your meeting successful and to look presentable. Last but not least, always respect every individual in the meeting and have a professional attitude.