How to find your passion

By | July 18, 2019

The most challenging thing to find and the best thing to do in your life is to live your passion. It is hard to find your passion and know exactly what makes you happy and what you want to do. Majorly, people do not follow their passion as they feel what would the world say about it. But irrespective of what others think, you should always live your dream and work towards it to get fruitful results.

Let us talk about the story of my friend- what he was, how he changed his life, and how successful he is today!

His name was John Sobers. After he finished his schooling, he did his M.B.A from London, came back to India and got an excellent job. Everything was going fine, but one day out of a sudden, one thought strikes to his mind which was- “what am I made for”?, “What is the purpose of my life”?. Doing the same things every day, coming to work, going back, and sleep, same things for the entire week or months or years. The answer that came to his mind was no, as he was not satisfied with what he was doing.

On weekends, he started doing what he liked the most such as reading, doing yoga, interacting with more people and many other things. But this was not what he wanted to pursue as his passion; all this was a hobby. Then it took a lot of time to know himself and understand what he wants to do on his own.

He stopped thinking for some time and continued his job the way he was doing before. Then one fine day while watching a movie he recalled his childhood days and thought that he had a love for music and he loved the instruments and playing them. He started practicing them on weekends and loved it.

He understood that this is what he was looking for so many years. He opened his music academy where students came from different parts of the country to learn instruments.

So, inside each one of us, there is some talent which we are born with. That is just yours and cannot be taught or learned it is from inside and a god’s gift, you just need to find the right path to it. The most important thing before you pursue your passion is that it is not vital that your passion should be unique or creative. It can also be to become a financial advisor, marketing head, maybe you are good at sales, etc. It is not always essential that it should be something unique. So, sit back, give yourself some time, take a notebook, and try to recall things that you love doing the most and try finding your passion.

Let us give some useful suggestions on how you can easily find your passion and opt for it-

1) Brainstorm– The first and foremost thing to do is brainstorming. The soundest way to do this is by just taking a sheet of paper, jot down the things that first come to your mind about your likes. In brainstorming, you do not have to think that it might be a good idea or a bad idea. Here at this stage, you just need to recollect the points. For more ideas, you can have a look at your childhood pictures, recall your memories, see things around and think about what you are good at and makes you happy. So, this step is all about collecting more and more thoughts about what you want to do.

2) Do not leave your job– A very significant point to be taken care of is never quit your job. If you want to chase your passion, it’s great, but give it some time. Try taking out time on your weekends and do it as a side job. Attempt to make contacts, settle in it, and see how much would you earn. Once you are aware of all the possibilities and think that this is what you were looking for, then only quit your current job. Never quit the job till the time you are not sure. It is always a good idea to first analyze if it works and then get into it for building your career. Make an effort and take some time out to do it as your side job and try it for a couple of months and see if you like it. Do not just jump into it after a few weeks. Give it a try, and if it works, then go for it.

3) Think about the best moments of your life– Analyse what were the moments when you found the maximum happiness in your life. Give yourself some time and note down the moments when you felt like the top of the world. There must be some achievements, think doing what makes you feel happy like playing guitar, painting, etc and recall what were you praised the most for. These points would for sure benefit you in recollecting what you are best at and bring joy to your life.

4) A thorough analysis is paramount– If you have that passion for a couple of years, then definitely you must have done a thorough investigation on everything about it. You should read about it as much as you can, buy books or check on the internet. If you know people already in that profession, contact them and take their advice. All this would help you in gaining more knowledge about it and would benefit you in deciding whether you should opt for it or not. As most of the people would give you fair advise and can also suggest you about where to start, about institutes, training, salary, etc.

5) Do not stop trying– If one thing does not work for you that does not mean that others would not. Always keep trying till the time you do not achieve what you are looking for. As life is small so you should try to fulfill all your dreams and strive to work hard towards them.

So, these were a few tips to follow your passion diligently. Success does not come at once; you have to try again and again. If you fail once, do not worry and start over again with the same zeal and enthusiasm. Once you get it, that would be the best day of your life.

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