How to pep yourself up just before a big meeting or presentation

By | May 27, 2019

Even if you have done many presentations, you can still get nervous before entering a big meeting or presentation. How do you remove anxiety before a big meeting? How do you get rid of those butterfiles in your stomach? Here are seven science-backed techniques that can help you lessen your anxiety and nervousness minutes before your big event.

1. Develop Confidence

The most primary and imperative thing is confidence. It is crucial before a big meeting for you to appear fully prepared. The right body language, proper eye contact, the way you dress up -everything adds up to your confidence and people’s confidence in you. You should drink a glass of water if you feel nervous, listen to your favorite song and rehearse well, which would help you gain even more confidence.

2. Power Pose just for 1-2 minutes

This might sound funny to you, but it really works for many people. While you have time for the meeting to start, you can always go to a private place and strike a power pose, it would help you in easing and calm you down. It is a tested experiment that if you strike for a power pose, it would help in reducing the stress hormones in your body.

Power posing is about posing like your superhero, such as you just need to stand tall and stable with your hands on hips and your legs confidently apart for 2-3 minutes, it would benefit you in changing the body chemistry. This would make you comfortable; thus would help you in giving your best at the meeting.

3. Rehearse

The most important of all is practicing. If you have rehearsed in advance a lot of time and even before the meeting, it would aid you in gaining a lot of belief. Practice the significant points that you need to tell and the facts that you need to deliver. Preparing well helps in achieving confidence, which in return leads to control. When you are aware that you know everything, it would change the nervousness into excitement. Ensure that you reach for the meeting before time, so that you get enough time to familiarize with the place.  Also, if you need any type of equipment or board, it can be arranged. So, even 5 minutes before the meeting start, you can always go to the wash room and recall the points which you think are vital.

4. Pep Talk

Before the interview, you can call your friend and share with him/her about it and ask them to make you feel confident about it. Talk positive aspects about yourself on the phone and blabber everything out in front of your friend, it would make you feel better. Ask your friend to say good things about you and whatever you need to hear. Also, you can watch a few inspirational and motivational videos, which work for many people as these videos boost up confidence.

You can also talk to yourself and say good things about yourself loudly (ensure that there is nobody around). Thus, pep talk aids in calming you down and makes you feel relaxed.

5. Go for a walk

You should try and go for a walk before the meeting starts as fresh air can make all the difference. You can go for a walk in the building where your meeting is and think of the points you need to recall. If you want to make a call to feel better, you should try and do in the fresh air while walking. It would help in clearing your head and focus on the meeting.

6. Try the ‘STOP’ method

This is a popular method which many people try. It is good and really works. Let us see what STOP means here-

  • Stop whatever extra you are thinking and just target on the thoughts related to meetings
  • Take a deep breath not a low breath, and be excited instead of feeling low
  • Observe what is going in the body and mind, collect good thoughts and stop thinking about the negative ones
  • Proceed with a positive attitude and recollect everything required for the meeting to make a blast.

This process would benefit you in slowing down and would help gain more confidence. It would let you know that you have the power to do it successfully.

7. Take it easy

Once you are aware that you know all the things related to the meeting and the preparation is done with required documents, then it is the time when you need to tell yourself to take it easy and relax for some time. You can spend that morning listening to your favorite music, going to the gym, watching funny videos, etc. whatever makes you feel good. You can even pre-record your meeting points and listen to them 5 minutes before your meeting starts. Ensure that you eat properly before the session and freshen up before the meeting begins.

So, these were the top 7 tips to prepare better and build confidence minutes before your big meeting. Have you tried any of these? Do you know of any more tips? Leave your comments below.

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