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By | October 2, 2019

Be it coloured or grey scale, pictures help to bring out the definition in an article. You could be a blogger, a writer, an editor, or just a student looking for a way to express; pictures are a basic requirement for anyone looking for an expression on the web. Now you could be asking, what is so difficult about getting a picture? You hit the keywords in Google, and pop comes over a million relatable results. There’s a catch; not all these pictures are royalty free. Use of them in your brand marketing portfolio can cost you a hefty fine. You can also face another problem, which is the size. A number of pictures that people find are either too small to be used. What is the use of a picture if it is going to look blurry in the blog? Big fail! Hence, there are these three things you must keep in mind while hunting for a suitable picture for your blogs or articles.

  1. They should be free. This is the most important rule, as you don’t want your hard-crafted article to end up being fined for using a copyrighted photo.
  2. They should be relatable. Prune out the keywords of your article and make sure the content is reflected in the picture you choose.
  3. They should be high resolution. Nothing ruins aesthetics of an article like a blurred or pixelated picture.

Now when we have fixed the primary ABC’s of picture hunting, let’s move on to the places where you can actually find images that meet these criteria. Even though you can google for royalty free photos and perhaps end up in one or two that meets your criteria, it is always good to be sure. Given below are a few places that stock up to their necks in these images and newer pictures get added in every day.

Unsplash: Unsplash is a website dedicated to sharing stock photography under the Unsplash license. The website claims over 110,000 contributing photographers and generates more than 11 billion photo impressions per month on their growing library of over 1.5 million photos.

Burst: Burst is a platform that gives free stock pictures to its users. You can download hundreds of pictures from various groups and sub-groups. The image library is filled with high-resolution photographs shot by global photographer community. Burst provides developers and bloggers with HD pictures that are not used widely on the internet. These pictures are perfect and ready to be used for anything that you create, websites, blogs, projects or college articles. They even look great as Instagram or Facebook ads if you are looking for graphics to boost your own online store.

Gratisography: Gratisography claims to have the quirkiest and most unique collection of HD stock photos. With their tagline “Different is what we do best” this platform will give you the craziest and most eye-catching pictures, exactly what you were looking for your brand. It sparks conversation and is so much more than a bland image with no thought process whatsoever. At Gratisography, the designers boast that their pictures have life in them. In certain cases, it could be legitimately creepy, but that shouldn’t stop you from using them to make a lasting impression in your next marketing project.

New Old Stock: New Old Stock is yet another vendor that will give you your need for free photos but has a quirk in its offers. The images will be only relatable to your content in case you are looking for something vintage. This blog is created by Cole Townsend, who is known for his love for off-beat things. This is particularly a hit if you are a history student or are working on relevant college projects. There is no known copyright for the images provided and often date back to the early 1900s. So far, this innovative platform remains unparalleled if you are looking for vintage stock photos.

Pexels: Pexels will give your inner shutterbug just the right amount of inspiration with its freely available and high-quality stock images under Pexels license. The images are searchable, tagged and can be easily discovered through the search bar. The page has literally thousands of free photos with a new addition being uploaded every single day. With a variety of pre-added filters, you can find your expression that clicks with the photo and presents your articles to an awaiting audience. 

Picjumbo:  Picjumbo is another free stock image website created for designers, students and writers. Funnily enough, Viktor Hanacek started this site after his photos were rejected from stock photo websites as they lacked in quality. At present, Picjumbo has about three million pictures that are regularly downloaded in various parts of the world. A special feature of this page is that it has separated its pictures as per their genres such as city, animals, abstract and so on.  Users can take help of the Search bar or Categories menu has given alongside.

Pinterest: Pinterest is another free stock photo website that follows a by the people, for the people. Here, the people can actually upload their own photos and create separate mood boards for the pictures they like. The pictures uploaded are also nominated for Best of Pinterest UK Awards. The best thing about Pinterest is that this community welcomes you to edit or resize the pictures as fit and share your own creation.

123RF: 123RF is a bootstrapped free photo vendor that is known to be one of the biggest digital stock photo agencies. With a client base of Google, Apple and Amazon, the company boasts of providing the best quality HD creative sounds, motion and imagery. These handpicked graphics are contributed by photographers and other talented graphic designers around the globe. Whatever you want, 123RF has can bring it for you in a matter of seconds. These hand-picked photos are collected from professional photographers and sometimes from free stock photo sites.

Hopefully, this list can cater to your search for unique graphics and breathe life into your articles and blogs. With thousands of free photos at your fingertips, it is time to let your imaginations roam free. Although each picture is free of any known copyright, it is always advisable to perform your own search, just to be sure.

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